ASA Quality Services

We focus on mediating between software developers and their customers so that both sides can be successful, as well as end-users. We participate in software projects as testers, test managers, process improvers, automators, consultants, coaches or even ... bakers if this helps to achieve good quality software.

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  • Public Sector

    Public Sector

    During few past years we have been responsible for quality in more that 30 public sector projects. We help to develop quality public e-services on both development and customer side.

  • Retail


    We have thorough experience in e-commerce, stock management, loyalty programmes, picking solutions, CRM and their integrations.

  • Finance


    We have long-term partnership in quality assurance with most of Estonian banks. They have trusted us to test their internal as well as public banking services.

  • Utility


    We know how energy market and grid work. Our hands-on experiences start from energy sales and customer care processes and reach as far as to meter data colleciton and billing. In Estonia as well as abroad - Finland, Sweden, Poland and counting.

  • Information technology

    Information technology

    We are in long-term co-operation with many estonian IT development companies. We test in projects for local and foreign customers and help development companies to produce quality software.

  • Healthcare


    We have tested different software solutions that help providing better medical servcies and also consulted development process improvements in medical institutions.

  • Telecommunication


    Our meticulous care has been present in development of back office solutions as well as e-services provided by Estonian biggest telco companies.

  • Entertainment


    We have experience in testing various online games and environments.

  • Logistics


    Our testers have been involved in testing all crucial software components of well-known logistics companies.

We care about our team

We care about our team

Currently more than 20 software testing professionals from Tartu and Tallinn have joined our team. Some of our specialists have long testing background from various projects while others are quite new in the area. We have put a lot of effort into training new members of testing society from other application domains. Our strength is the feeling of unity, support for each-other. Passion for testing is the glue between our team members. We care about cosy work environment and office fun as well as well-being of an individual team member's work-life balance.